Zita Swoon - Maria Mp3

Zita Swoon - About the Successful Emoional Recovery of a Girl Named Maria Lyric

Early in the morning she wakes up
She winds her heart around this game
The radio machine is a playing
A song comes on and calls her name

It goes:

"Hey Maria
Stop what you do
Be proud to be ya
If I was in your shoes
Baby I'd get rid of all these blues"

Now she wanna face the facts
And try to make a stand
And to walk that track
'Till the bitter end
They say joy never leaves you
So why would you wanna stay and tease?
Why would you even worry about it?

And I ain't stupid
If that's what you heard
My deeds will prove it
You mark my words
I'm the greatest girl upon this earth

Maria I'm beautiful
Maria I'm adorable
Maria I'm sexual
Maria but respectable
Maria that's me

Early in the morning she wakes up
She plants a seed and says a prayer
And people they talk talk talk
But she can't hear what they're saying

Here's a message
I finally heard
I can see my future
Stickin' out of the dirt
Now I know just what that's worth

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